Minnesota, home sweet home!

I LOVE going back to Minn for the holidays (or any old day!) Driving around in the old neighborhood brings back memories of childhood, high school, and simple times. I used to not appreciate Minnesota until I moved to California, and now I can really take in her full beauty. There are gorgeous lakes and trees all over, fresh air, accessibility to everything (without the crowds of a major city like San Francsico), a very cool and hipster feel downtown, plenty of good local music, and coffee shops galore. I about died when I saw someone wearing mittens today! I never thought I would say that I miss mitten weather. I also miss the snow, and was hoping to see some, but this was all I got:

look! snow! honest!

Also spotted on my walk:

the pond

The old lake I used to skip rocks in…although for some reason as kids we always called it ‘the pond’!

This is what we called the ‘triangle path’ – for obvious reasons. It has two entrances, one before and one after the fire hydrant, forming a triangle. When we used to ride bikes my friends and I were allowed to go to the triangle and back. 🙂

the triangle

Some photo-worthy plants:

The entire Thanksgiving weekend has been fueled by this:

I so good!

My beloved Caribou Coffee! Oh, sweet sweet Caribou! In your fancy holiday clothes even. I love you so much I wanna marry you!!

I decided that if I don’t end up back in Minnesota, I at least want to make enough money to have a cabin or a second home. It. shall. happen. Off to bed for me! Nighty night.

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