Caribou Love

Ohhh, sweet Caribou! How I miss you!! My favorite thing about the midwest is family friends north woods Caribou Coffee. What can I say? This little coffee shop is pretty much the only thing that got me through college. I would come here to get away. To escape. This is where I came when I needed a break from roommates/parents/whatev. And I still come here for the delicious fa la lattes and egg-white turkey bacon daybreakers. All you Starbucks lovers, you have NO IDEA what you are missing.
Also, you HAVE to check out this awesome jibjab ecard my friend made. Can you spot which elf I am? I PEED MY PANTS when I first saw this. hilarious!

hot child in the city

Hello everyone! *yawn* I am still recovering from a pretty hectic weekend. Between going away parties, holiday parties, and my last big night out in the city before I move to San Diego…it’s been HECTIC! Last night I channeled my inner youth and actually went to a CLUB with friends. Yes, it’s almost embarrassing. When the 21-year-old invited us to his VIP bottle service, I felt like I was the creeper. Like I said, embarrassing. Anyway, it was good to dance and be crazy.

This morning I went out shooting in Union Square to try and capture the holiday feel. It was fun and fresh. Here are some of my favs:

Aaand the holiday countdown has more than officially begun! These next few days will be frantic with packing/shopping/traveling/moving/ahhh! Holding on by a thread!

Dear Santa…I’ve been good this year.

Wow, as if I need to be thinking of myself this time of year…I know. 😯 But really, with all the Xmas shopping I’ve been doing, I can’t help but come across a few things that I would love. It’s only natural, right? All humans do it. Without further ado, here is my Dear Santa list:

Kate Spade Etiquette Books
You know I’ve always wanted to be one of those hot New York women. With fancy coffee table books, high fashion spilling out of my closet, and the perfect brooch that was picked up in the perfect little antique jewelry shop that is known only to local neighbors. Yes, I would love to be her. I have huge respect for someone who has good etiquette, a woman who can throw a classy dinner party and still have fun, and someone who knows the manners to roll with the big dogs when needed. That’s why I want these. Please.

Converse All-Stars – in Classic Black
What can I say? I’m a cheap date. No really, I’ve wanted these shoes forever. And up until a recent foot surgery I could not wear them (long story). Anyway, I can now, I think. Time to take back my youth.

Monogrammed Martini Glass Set (& separate shaker) – Williams Sonoma
I’ve been wanting to get fancy and make fancy drinks for some time now. I’ve been inspired by one of my fav food bloggers here, here, and here. Girl really knows how to rim her glasses, if you know what I mean. 😉 (I don’t!) I want some fancy glasses too.

Embosser from Williams Sonoma
Cha, right!! Sooooo didn’t know they made these until just now. COOL! All I want to do is make presents and put them in little bags with my personalized label on them. I have visions of sending future business products out with these tags. Cute to the max.

Cano Cristales Necklace from Anthropologie
Chic. Elegant. You could dress it up or dress it down. I like the balance of it and it’s unique enough that not every gal on the block will have one.

Keurig K-cup Carousel Tower
I love my Keurig. And let’s face it, I don’t have the counter space for this right now. But it would be a hell of a lot nicer than shoving that big box of K-cups in my cupboard. And I could woo my guests when they came over by letting them choose their flavor…in style.

Fitbit Ultra Pedometer (and more!)
I used to LOVE walking and did so every day. I’ve been laid up a bit due to my foot surgery, but as soon as my foot can handle it I’m going back on my walking trails. I know this little baby would encourage me. Not to mention it monitors your sleep cycles, uploads wirelessly, and fits in a sports bra. Now that’s discreet!

Flower Market Pet Bowl – MacKenzie-Childs via Neiman Marcus
What can I say?  I don’t have a pooch yet, but if I did, you can GUESS what would be going under the tree for her. How cute! How vintage-y! How absolutely gorgeous would this look on the hardwood kitchen floor of my dreams? Yes, yes, and yes.

Sometimes…I have so much to do I can’t do anything at all

Ugh. I woke up this morning with my mind running 100 miles/minute. I went into overdrive thinking of everything I planned to get done this weekend, and what little was actually done. I wanted to clean, be on my computer, have morning coffee, and go out shopping. Immediately and all at once.

So I made a list.

I wrote down everything that was on my mind, from the littlest task (emailing a friend back) to the largest (finishing a homemade Xmas gift). I realized about 60% of my list involved writing and/or time on the computer – including finishing the Xmas gift. I wasn’t feeling it. My attention span was zero and I just couldn’t do it. I had to get out of the house.

I am moving at the end of this month and one of the items on my list was to go pick up boxes from Home Depot. I also wanted to get some fresh produce for the week and pick up a treat or two at Trader Joe’s. I hopped in my car and left my list behind. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of the day.

My friend came to visit me in San Francisco this weekend. On Friday we went out to the city, got our nails done, had girl talk, ate a beautiful lunch at The Slanted Door, got tipsy after even the smallest cocktail there, and caught up on our lives. It was completely refreshing. The restaurant also had an AMAZING view of the Bay Bridge right outside.

Slanted Door spring rolls + daikon rice cakes + view of the bay bridge

Later we did some holiday shopping in the beautifully-decorated Union Square and then met up with the rest of her friends for drinks.

christmas tree in union square

Macy's many wreaths

even a holiday band! the trombones rocked!

Look what my friend Bonnie found in Williams Sonoma! So cute!

Yesterday we took a day trip to Napa (in limo-bus style!) and then went to a dive bar. It was a LONG day, but friends are important, and I felt like it was ok to let loose and celebrate for the weekend. The wineries were fun, but the party definitely happened while on the bus! We played songs that were popular when we were in high school (99 problems, the sweater song, bohemian rhapsody) and had a dance party. Imagine 14 people singing that last one after 3 wineries in! I have to say, it felt fun to be wild and crazy and have a throwback-to-college day.

first stop: Beringer

old bottles + an early keg concept

As we were touring we came across this old-fashioned keg, which our tour guide pointed out was not the right kind of barrel used for storage (meaning whoever made this consumed a lot of wine…and FAST!). As he put it, “Man, if this thing could talk…oh the stories it would tell, oh the things it has seen.” I liked that thought…picturing lavish parties in the 1800s! How fun.

That's me with my happy face on! at Sterling Vineyards

we got to keep the glass. woot woot!

Back to the point. After a weekend filled with drinks, parties, and general debauchery, I decided I needed to nourish myself this Sunday. I turned off the alarm and slept in until 11AM (super late for me!). When I woke up I was craving CHEESE. Of all things. I must have been inspired by all the wine tasting. I drove my butt to Trader Joe’s and found this little gem:

wine soaked cheese. does life get any sweeter?

Cheese that has been soaked in Syrah! Apparently I didn’t get enough wine yesterday. 😉 In the cart she went. Along with this holiday popcorn I’ve been craving:

four flavors of heaven

cheese please

Nourishment comes in all different forms. Sometimes I take a walk, sometimes I left myself sleep, sometimes I do yoga, sometimes I just take a warm bath. Today, my body really wanted comfort food, so I happily conceded. I think it’s important to listen to your mind/body and treat yourself when you need it.

Here’s to a day filled with treats, rest, and a few episodes of White Collar. 🙂

smash book? smashtastic!

Have you guys heard of a smash book? I *just* found out about them because my awesome friend Ann sent me one for my birthday (woot!). Let me tell you how excited I am. THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS excited! 😀 A smash book is a place to write/glue/store random quotes and thoughts throughout the day. Pretty much, it’s an awesome scrapbook-y type notebook where you can make photo collages, write down ideas when inspiration hits, and just plain capture life’s moments. What a PERFECT gift idea.

So, check out the beautiful pages that Ann started me off with:

Is that not some of the prettiest paper you’ve ever seen? This morning I put on some holiday music and *smashed* my heart out. The pen is cool too because one end is a glue stick and the other is a felt-tip marker. Just fricken awesome! Check out the noteworthy quotes that were already stamped in my book:

Such an awesome present. I am ECSTATIC!

To find out more about smash books visit the blog here: and check out this video:

Off to Market

The Sunday morning Farmer’s Market in Palo Alto is the bomb diggity (yes, I still use phrases from the 90s, got something to say?!! :-p)! I get a nice walk in the sunshine + everything fresh you could possibly imagine. Avocados, greens, KALE CHIPS, grapes and cherries, roasted rotisserie, soy egg nog, everything organic/gluten free/good-for-you/made-with-love. I get overwhelmed at how happy everyone is there. Local farmers chatting you up, so proud of their work (as they should be). The smells and the bustle of exchanges warms my heart. Sunday mornings = little treats. Here are some pictures. Note to self – quit being so shy when taking pictures…most of these were ‘sneak shots’ because I felt like people would think I was weird. Need to get over this! That is all. 🙂

morning dew

going local


rotisserie man making sure I got his good side - you can smell these babies from a mile away

muh breakfast


yellow as the morning sun

caught on my way to work…an overwhelming splash of yellow. hi, yellow. 🙂

mind: blown

I am really loving this song/woman from She Keeps Bees. She embodies so many things I adore. She’s got that sexy smooth voice. Her song is bluesy rock-y with plenty of punch. She’s confident and workin’ it. I like the setting of this video too. Cozy little stage with exposed brick; lights strung. Filling the hearts and minds of the audience with daydreams and letting them escape for the night.

“Work me like my back ain’t got no bone.”