Off to Market

The Sunday morning Farmer’s Market in Palo Alto is the bomb diggity (yes, I still use phrases from the 90s, got something to say?!! :-p)! I get a nice walk in the sunshine + everything fresh you could possibly imagine. Avocados, greens, KALE CHIPS, grapes and cherries, roasted rotisserie, soy egg nog, everything organic/gluten free/good-for-you/made-with-love. I get overwhelmed at how happy everyone is there. Local farmers chatting you up, so proud of their work (as they should be). The smells and the bustle of exchanges warms my heart. Sunday mornings = little treats. Here are some pictures. Note to self – quit being so shy when taking pictures…most of these were ‘sneak shots’ because I felt like people would think I was weird. Need to get over this! That is all. 🙂

morning dew

going local


rotisserie man making sure I got his good side - you can smell these babies from a mile away

muh breakfast


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  1. Ah looks amazing! Again, MN just gives a tease of Summer!


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