Five Hundo Miles

Today I found out my job is sending me to lovely {Marinette, Wisconsin} in a few weeks. I feel like this should be one of those recordings at a travel agency, where they reuse the same phrase and then say the city name in an obviously-inserted different voice recording. Howdy, folks! Welcome to beautiful [robot voice] Marinette, Wisconsin!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


You know I love my Midwest…but I’m just not sure about this. Something tells me *cough*GoogleStreetView*cough* that I’m not going to love it.

Exhibit A:

hi kids, wanna play?!

Tonight on The First 48, local police seek missing girl, age 27, who dissappeared into the steamy back alley in local downtown Marinette. EEEEEK! I can see it now!

nothin' to see here folks. move along...

A town so great that Google did not feel the need to wipe off its camera lenses and roll through again…

ooooh! She's a beaut!

Wow. Maybe I should stock up on a can of mace, or two or three? Thanks, WORK! For telling me I get to live in beautiful San Diego and then tricking me by sending me into the deep dark [robot voice] Marinette abyss!

As one to try and find the positive in every situation, I do believe I found a silver lining in this mess. What may have seemed like an added annoyance, after much detective work, has turned into a little luxury. Let me explain. There are no direct flights from San Diego to Marinette. Instead, you have to go from San Diego -> [Detroit or Minneapolis] -> Green Bay. It just so happens that with my schedule, I had to go through Detroit. So SAN -> DTW -> GRB. Can you guess the first thing I did?

Detroit Metro Airport

(via DTW)

Wait for it…

Still wait for it…

Getting warmer…

Oh yes, I can feel it. I can feel it, Dave.

Hellooooooooooo gate A74 my new best friend! Caribou!

And I will walk 500 miles…

…from my gate to this BOU!!!

And I will walk 500 more…

(via Delta)

…to Detroit (ROCK CITY!). All for Caribou. And for no other silly work reason. Just Caribou. (I think this is becoming a little obsessive). 🙂

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  1. Bon

     /  January 24, 2012

    On a um….somewhat related note. Remember those caribou coffee coolers they rolled out with a few years ago and as part of the promotional campaign they parked themselves outside of the engineering buildings on campus and supplied the students with unlimited free samples for two weeks? It was brilliant! I miss them…

  2. I did not get any samples!! Robbed!!!!!

  3. Aw, the things a girl has to do for a good cup of coffee.

    Trying to focus at work and now all I can here is that song crossed with the voice of my GPS, ack!


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