Running on 80%

Lately I feel like I’ve been running on 80% capacity. And, because I’m a gigantic nerd, every time I type “running on 80” my mind plays out that song, Running on Empty. No, I was not born in the 70s and no, I do not like that song. But it’s forever engrained now.

♫ I’m running on 80….


Let me clarify. I’ve been almost getting my crap together lately, but just not all the way. I will clean my dishes except for the few that don’t fit in the dishwasher, and those will like, just sit there…for a while. Or my apartment – It’s mostly clean, except for some storage bins that need to be taken out…or my goodwill pile that just keeps growing and never goes away. I’d say I’m at about 80%. I just can’t quite get it together. And don’t even get me started on that “deep cleaning” business because it’s not on my radar.

I was talking to a friend about this to try and get a grip on why I feel so stuck. He suggested making a “Honey TODO list”. A Honey what-the-what? He said a Honey TODO List is a list that a woman gives to her husband when she wants him to clean up and do chores and stuff. News to this mama.

Me: So in my case, isn’t this just a regular TODO list?

Friend: Just make the Honey TODO list.

Me: But…?


Ok. I did. My goal is to cross off 1 or 2 items every night, until this place is spic ‘n span. I know that I always operate 10x better when I have a clean living space, so here’s to getting it done. Wish me luck!

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