Mom Jeans and The Rebel Collection

I never thought I’d say this in any part of my adult life, but today, I go in search of mom jeans (eeep!). I know, I’ve been fighting it too. But I have a situation. You see, I’ll be spending the next few months on and off a shipyard for my job. We will be doing lots of ‘down and dirty’ work. In the trenches sort of thing. Normally, I’d like to believe I’m still at an age where I can pull off the low-riding (below the belly button) cuts.

(via banana)

But riddle me this…say I’m on a ship, and there’s a server on a lower rack that needs repairing, do you know what I’m afraid of?

Plumber's Crack!


or even worse, in my opinion, the dreaded whale tail!



Yes, I had to go there. So you see my dilemma. On the one hand, I want to keep my style and not lose any sense of who I am, even if I have to be working at this job. On the other hand, I’m not about to be whale tail girl.

So today I will be picking up some of these: High-waisted, unflattering, should-be-discontinued-unless-you-have-to-work-on-an-oil-rig or…a ship, jeans.


I’ve been struggling with this concept of beating my current job. I hate the business casual dress code we are supposed to adhere to. It’s not the fun funky business woman of Express clothing you might think, but rather the matronly, frumpy, you-might-as-well-call-me-your-grandma look of Coldwater Creek that they expect us to wear. It’s utterly disheartening. I’m not trying to dress like a slut here, but I do want to feel feminine and cute.

So about a year ago I started what I’ve come to call my “Rebel Collection”. It makes me so happy just typing it. 🙂 When I am forced to wear business casual, as I am every day at this job, I decided I was going to start sneaking in pieces that are more representative of my personality. Not anything big that people would notice, but little items that I can claim all for myself.

For example, on Fridays, I wear this giant ring:

woah there, is that thing street legal?

(via Stella & Dot)

I started picking out nail colors that are NO WHERE even close to the appropriate spectrum of business-casual shades:

excuse me, do you think we work at a marketing firm here?


Oooh it gets better! Heh heh heh.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling really spicy, I wear HOT PINK underwear. Absolutely no one knows, but it gives me this strange sense of personal power. When I have to sit through a meeting, I appear perfectly poised and professional on the outside. But secretly, on the inside, I’m having a wild party. I can’t describe this effect, I can only recommend that you try it at once. It’s completely exhilarating.

Haha suckas, you may be boring me to death and I may have to sit through this, but I’m having the last laugh.

(via American Apparel)

For me it comes down to winning a little bit. To make sure I’m hanging onto myself as I feel like I have to conform to this outdated definition of business casual that my company holds us to.

Another one – earrings. If my company had it’s way, all the women would have studded earrings and wear a man suit.

So, also on Fridays, I’ve been known to pull out these babies a time or two:

heh heh heh. so sneaky!!! 🙂

(via Forever 21)

Take THAT, work!

Ok, back to the mom jeans. In order to feel balanced, and not completely miserable about burying my identity, I already have a plan to get through the mom jean crisis:

Helloooo 50's Hollywood Glam bodysuit!

(via Skinnygirl)

who's laughing now?!?!

(Source 1,2)

Mom jeans on the outside *shudder* –> sexy body suit on the inside. PARTY!

I will get through this. I will get through this. I will get through this.

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  1. Ugh, I dread the day that I will have to cross in to Mom Jean Territory. It just looks like those things swallow your body whole!

    Love the idea of sneaking a sexy body suit in under the ColdWaterCreek Chic.

    I’m sorry that your work atmosphere is that rigid. That’s one thing that I’ve really enjoyed about my jobs is even though the dress code is business casual you are completely free to express yourself anyway you want. Only the marketing girls took it too far… Bumped hair, heavy eyeliner, sparkly tops, short short skirts… They looked more ready for a night club than for putting together a few power point slides.

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