Living the Dream (or the businesswoman that never was)

When I was in college and deciding to become a computer engineer, I had big dreams. Like, corner office dreams.

I pictured working in a high-rise office building in New York or Chicago. I imagined waking up early, stopping off for a latte at the corner Starbucks and finally making a grand entrance into work as my heels clicked on the marble floor past the security guard and up to my office. In the fantasy I was always wearing something polished and feminine, like a tailored BCBG dress.

To be her, that power woman… I vowed to sit up tall and make quick decisions and jetset around the world. Shaking hands, making deals. Give me the miles, the perks, and the whole lifestyle. Schmoozing and boozing. Think Jenna Elfman’s character in Keeping the Faith.

all brains and class


So I sit here today,  writing you from a cheap hotel room in middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin, and wonder what the heck happened?!?!?!

Instead of the strong, put-together chicness of Jenna I am instead channeling Ed Helms from Cedar Rapids.

If you think I’m kidding…check out my digs:

who needs a closet when you can just hang your clothes straight on the wall???

with these kind of amenities, you may never want to leave.

here's my corner office. eh? eh?

brown was sort of in...during the 70s

yours truly. happy as a clam about being on business travel.

Instead of dressing sexy-chic, I’m in a puffy ski jacket, with mom jeans and steel-toed shoes. Who am I??


Were there warning signs my life was headed in a different direction than my original goals? yes. Did I choose to ignore them? yes. If I eventually worked my little tail off, could I realize the corporate power woman dream? yes…but not at this job. I need to make my own rules and create my own life.

By the way, my goals of who I want to be have changed drastically since college. I will have to expand on this in a future post. But for now, I need to get some sleep. Duty calls tomorrow!

PS Even though I’m complaining, I’m secretly enjoying myself on this trip. Tell you more later. Will try and update throughout the week.

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  1. I can’t believe you could imagine so vividly how you wanted your future to be. For me all I knew was that I wanted to dance or help people. Dance was automatically out due to the autoimmune stuff, but I never could decide what helping people would look like. Would I be a doctor, would I build prosthetics, would I engineer muscle fibers to help people regain use of limbs? Would I map brains, would I teach children to speak? I didn’t know if I would be in a lab creating, or in an office working with patients.

    Now that I unexpectedly click my heels across marble, pass the grand piano player, pass the concierge and sit up in my corner office, all I can do is wonder how I got here and dream about ways of getting out.

    Yet I still don’t know where I want to go.

    Anyway, love the grumpy pic and I think you should do a mom jean update. What did you end up getting? Was it nearly as mortifying as you imagined? lol

  2. If you ever need a dance outlet…my old manager is looking to train some dance instructors for his new studio. They do a lot of ballroom and salsa type stuff.

    On the mom jeans…it wasn’t so bad. I had about a foot of long underwear coming out of the already high-waisted top, so at the end of the day it was just comical. Maybe I will do an update post.

  3. Wow out there

     /  February 16, 2012

    Atleast it looks like a nice ski coat and what r mom jeans. Are you telling me you weren’t dress in shiek wear in that obviously 5 star resort 😛


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