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I have about 10 playlists started to share with you guys. All with different themes. I would like to start a “mixed tape” series, but I’m getting antsy and don’t want to release said playlists until I can find just the perfect songs to round them out. So until then, here’s a playlist of what I’ve been listening to lately/what’s been on the radio/what I can’t get out of head. Completely random. Some old, some new. Just to kick off the series.

Sweet Sour – Band of Skulls (from new album coming out soon! beyond excited!)

Sink to the Bottom with You – Fountains of Wayne

Struggle – Ringside (not a fan of the music vid, just close your eyes)

Monarchy of Roses – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Actor Out of Work – St. Vincent

Help I’m Alive – Metric

Electric Feel – MGMT

Love You Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez (I know, I know *hangs head*)

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  1. omg, wish you could have seen me. Rolling through all your picks, kinda singing along in my head. Getting my inner grove on. Then it was the screeching of the record player coming to a stop… love you like a love song? o_0 lol, love you D, but that’s your “one free one.”

    • LOL. I hear ya, sister. It’s my Marie Forleo dance around the room song.

      PS you’re gonna hate my workout playlist when that one goes up (fair warning!) :-p

  2. To old yet so young at heart

     /  February 16, 2012

    Tapes are so passé. Why don’t u take off the grandma pants and get with mp3s and streaming music ;-P

  3. Sweet Sour is fantastic!!


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