Cuzco, so far…

HolyCultureShock! I’m in Peru! It’s incredible! Every time I travel I think “god, I have to find a way to travel more, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing!” This trip is no different. Every minute seems like an eye-opening experience. I’m doing all I can to take it in and not miss a single beat. It’s hard, but I’m up for the challenge.

We’re currently in Cuzco. It was a windy, stormy, and lightning-filled ride in. A little scary, but we made it! At el aeropuerto we were bombarded by locals selling us everything from tours to anti-altitude sickness pills. It was honestly a bit overwhelming and quite an effort to get out of the crowd. We followed a girl who promised us a taxi and she took us through the hoards of people. We arrived at what appeared to be a regular old car, and a very nice gentleman named Hilario took us to our hotel for 10 Soles. This was my first experience where I actually had to speak Spanish, as opposed to everywhere else where everyone seems to know English.

The cab ride was a little crazy. Cars drive fast and there seems to be no real laws for pedestrians. We did some exploring and had a fabulous dinner of alpaca and risotto (the alpaca was a little too smokey and game-y for my taste, but the risotto was a treat!). After a little shopping and a night walk, we slept for 14 HOURS! Call it jet-lag, call it adjusting to the high altitude, but I absolutely needed the sleep.

Today was spent exploring the Plaza de Armas, watching the many parades, going on a hike to the Sacsayhuaman ruins (aka “Sexy Woman” to the locals), and of course, a food crawl! My wifi is incredibly slow here so I cannot post many pictures. I’ll leave you with one on our hike today. I’m a big fan of getting lost and wandering around. Will update more when I can. Xoxo, D

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  1. I’ve randomly selected your blog for The Awesome Blog Content Award. Congratulations.

    • woot! I am honored! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I like what you have going on over at your blog too! 🙂

      • Thanks… and you are welcome. It is a modern “TAG YOU”RE IT” … now it is your turn to go out and nominate some others and share the same great feelings.
        I look forward to reading more of your travels. Machu Picchu & Peru on on my traveler’s bucket list… so I am enjoying your posts.

  1. ABC Award – not just for family anymore « Canadiantravelbugs's Blog

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