Today I took a HUGE step toward Operation: Freedom! I met with an advisor and took a tour at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FiDM). Even though it sounds like it’s all about Fashion, it’s really not, and they have a pretty sweet Graphic Design program. I haven’t disclosed what I’m thinking of doing in terms of future business projects yet…but all of my ideas will benefit from learning some core graphic design concepts and tools. The cool thing about FiDM is that they have a ‘Professional Designation’ series for people who already have a degree (like moi). It’s a fast track 1-year program and you don’t have to deal with any generals. Wham bam, thank you ma’am! Exactly what I’m looking for. Get in, get out, and let the business begin! It’s that easy, right? 😉

Here’s a link to some of the final projects from the students who completed the graphic design program. Would LOVE to learn how to do just about any of these…

On the tour I got to see some “secret” things. They had a catalog of the 2013 fashion trends (kept behind the counter under surveillance). Apparently very exclusive. Did you know that the clothes you are wearing right now were actually designed about 18 months ago? Pretty neat. Also, they had these glamorous vintage Vogue magazines in the library. Some of them you have to wear white gloves with in order to turn the pages because they are so delicate. This would be an AWESOME source of inspiration for vintage fonts/layouts/photography. I enjoyed myself.

Vintage Vogue pics (1,2)

Here are the classes that are REALLY calling me right now:

Although pretty much every class sounds exciting to me. Wish I had done this in the first place!! So I got all the deets and all the swag…there was only one minor issue….

i am so jaded from the corporate world...all I could think was 'how much did that cost to print all that in color'?

The advisor told me that they don’t actually offer the Graphic Design program in San Diego…only in L.A. (and some parts in Orange County). uhhhh, what? But she assured me, as many students can attest, it’s a beautiful train ride up the coast 2-3 times per week.

the pacific surfliner. thar she blows!


At first I thought…absolutely not! Commuting to LA??!?! no thank you! I went home and started researching other schools and community colleges where I could learn this stuff. But ya know what? Not so many options. There are some, but they have a minimum of 15 months and they actually cost MORE than FiDM. Plus, the course curriculum is not as jazzy. I kept finding myself wanting to figure out how to make it work at FiDM. Once I get my mind set on something it’s really hard to change it.

Here are the options I’m working through:

1) Stay in SD, suck it up and commute for a year. Enjoy the 2 1/2 hour train rides…read a book…bring my laptop and use the free wifi. Get the fun and exposure of LA without having to live there. It sounds like half my time could be split between LA and Orange County…which would also lessen the commute. This wouldn’t be awful if it were only twice a week. But definitely not ideal, and not what I was expecting for le gran send-off!

2) Move to LA for a year. omg I can’t believe I just typed that! I don’t like this option for many reasons. A) I JUST got done moving and I like it in San Diego. B) I don’t really see myself as an LA type of girl and C) what would happen when the year is over? I would feel like a lost puppy without a home. Would I ever move back down to SD? Would I somehow end up staying in LA (nooooo!). From a cost perspective, however, this is the smarter option. Between train tickets and rent LA is less. EEEEEFFF.

3) Try to just teach myself and skip school. Yeah, right. That’s been working out reeeeeeaall well…….

4) Start hookin’ so I can afford a commuter pad in LA. razz

Jesus. So much to think about. I still really want to do this. I have big dreams and I’m not letting go. I’ll have to think on this…but no matter what…big changes are a comin’!