get by with a little help from my friends

This weekend was BUSY! My friend Diana came to visit from San Francisco and we had lots of sightseeing/partying/catching up to do!

I have to say it was REALLY nice to see a familiar face after the big move to SD! Sometimes you don’t know how much you miss someone until you see them in person. Everyone used to call us “the D’s” (and I’m sure obvious boob jokes ensued). Well, the D’s did some exploring this weekend. We started out with an ocean walk at La Jolla cove:

“Herrooo….are you looking at me??”

Next we got all dolled up and went to the Gaslamp for dinner + a little bar crawl of sorts. I didn’t take many pictures…guess we were having too much fun.Ā razzĀ  We did try a new place called Analog. (i know it might seem like I have this weird fetish for mix tapes lately. i can’t explain it. i love me some good mixes!)

The theme was obviously a throwback. They played some techno remixes of Foster the People songs and I felt like Talking Heads could have easily come out of the speakers at any time. When you enter the dancing room there are a million laser-y lights and blinking/flashing sensations going on. I felt like it could have been a very ecstasy-friendly crowd? Just a wild guess. It looked something like this:

Oh, and they had an ENTIRE wall of tapes. We spent a good 10 minutes looking at old bands we forgot about.

There was only one type of guy at Analog: metro, metro and metro šŸ˜‰ Apparently there is a dress code for men at this place. You have to wear either a) a tight-fitted longsleeve shirt or b) freshly pressed and tailored button down or c) a fitted new-age plaid. Every guy had the same, gelled-up hair like Jake Gyllenhaal (swoon!):

oof! zee eyes! zeh kill me!


To be honest I really wanted to like Analog cause it seemed like such a good idea. But we weren’t feeling the vibe and ended up leaving after about an hour.

Yesterday after a little sleep-in we drove down to Balboa park and walked around. They have a BEAUTIFUL lily pond area there and I can’t wait to go back when it’s in full bloom!

We walked around and proceeded to take several hundred ‘senior photos’:

The majority of which we cried laughing at later.

Finally, like any good tourists, we had to check out Extraordinary Desserts. This place came highly recommended and it didn’t disappoint.

Let the sampling begin! First we tried the roasted pimento cheddar cheese dip. It had a PUNCH of cheese flavor with a nice balance from the red peppers. YUM!

Next we tried the buffalo mozzie bruschetta with pesto genovese (we fancy huh??):

OOOOOOH it was delish! Party in my mouth! But now it was time to get down to bidness. The real reason we came:

This was a showstopper! A coconut-mango-tart-thingy. (They change their dessert menu every day and therefore don’t post the names). Fun to look at and fun to eat.

This was a warmed chocolate almond croissant. I felt like I was in some sidewalk cafe in Europe!

Last stop on the tour: a cream cheese and chocolate brownie. Heaven sent!

Here’s my (not so official) review:

Food: (5/5) ā€“ The apps were yummy and they had a delicious brunch buffet set up with some creative options (like caramelized onions). The menu was unique and fancy. The dessert is obviously their main showcase, and it was pretty extraordinary(!).

Service : (1/5) ā€“ HORRIBLE service. This is my only real complaint. The hostess told us it would be about a 25 minute wait, but it was more than an hour. It set us off in a bad mood. Our waitress was slow and inattentive. I feel like they rely heavily on their reputation and really skip on the service here. Disappointed!

Date Approp?: (4/5) ā€“ Yes, maybe for a 3rd or 4th date – brunch would be fabulous. Go early to avoid the rush! The setting is cute and it’s always fun to do a sampling of desserts.

Would I go here again?: (4/5) Yes, but not often because it was packed with (presumably) tourists and it took forever to get a table.

Ambiance: (5/5) Clean, open space with pretty artwork on the walls. The tables were high-top and modern. The plates and champagne glasses really completed the perfect brunch atmosphere.