Upcoming Travel

In less than a week I will be embarking on a HUGE adventure…I’m going to PERU!!!! šŸ™‚ This trip has been a long time coming and as the days get closer it’s really starting to sink in. I’ve been busy reading all the things to see and do. Here’s what I’m most excited for:

1) Machu Picchu, duh!


I spent an entire semester in grad school reverse-engineering this beast to figure out its function (nerd alert!). I studied the waterways, the layout, the stones, the architecture, the land mass and crop growth, all in a giant systems engineering analysis. Time to see this baby in person! I want to touch the soil, feel the stones, breathe the mountain air, stand where my old Incan friends once did and see if I can get an intuitive sense of why this mysterious city was built. Ooooh my body aches with excitement! We’re going to spend a couple of days here so I hope to do some serious meditation/thought cleansing as well. What better place???

2) Ceviche/Pisco Sours/Mate Tea


’nuff said!

3) Train Rides

I heart old trains (and new ones too)! There is something about the journey, and looking out the window, and…if you’re lucky…sitting in the old dining car. In my fantasy life we would hop on the Hiram Bingham and do all of these things.

However…we will probably settle for the Expedition. Still cool, but on a budget:

(all pics from perurail.com)

Funny thing…when I was searching for train schedules, I forgot to select the route. It gave me a pop-up but instead of saying “choose a destination” it says, “choose a destiny…”. LOL. I much prefer Destiny!

4) Nazca Lines

Pray for me that those little planes get serviced!

5) Keeping an Open Mind and an Open Heart

My dad always used to say: “Travel every chance you get, it will keep your heart open”. There is nothing like international travel to remind you how big the world is and how insignificant your problems are in comparison. I hope to meet the people, observe their lives, just live and be happy. It’s easy to get so entrenched in the day-to-day that my worldview grows narrow. I want this trip to be the shot in my arm to jolt my life force again.


This is a given. But we built in plenty of down time on this trip to actually relax/do yoga/write/all that good stuff. I can’t wait!!!! šŸ™‚